Areas of Expertise

Our Areas OF Expertise Include;

Business Support

We provide a broad spectrum of business support by providing our clients with startup legal consulting, company registration as well as registration with regulatory bodies applicable to specific clients’ businesses. We thus work with entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and nurture them to find their feet in the business environment. Business modelling and strategy is very crucial since it is the core of every business. We provide business modelling and strategy services, the framework for businesses to be able to achieve organizational set goals and targets as part of our business support services.

Summary of our Business Support Services:
  • company startup consulting
  • company registration at the Companies Registry
  • company registration at Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (“GIPC”)
  • company registration with the Ghana Free Zones Board
  • registration with applicable regulatory bodies applicable to clients’ businesses such as Minerals Commission, Petroleum Commission, Food & Drugs Board Authority, etc.
  • trademark registration at the Companies Registry
  • technology transfer agreement registration with GIPC
  • business modelling & strategy services

Corporate, Commercial Law & Legal Advisory

We offer comprehensive research and effective solutions as well as smooth and effective implementation of creative, complex and practice-oriented advisory services to our clients. We offer transaction advisory and contractual services to our local and international clients. We are experts in drafting and/or reviewing of commercial contracts and agreements.


We represent international and local companies to conduct legal due diligence on target companies in mergers and acquisitions, corporate re-organizations, take overs, raising of capital, as well as private placements. We also provide country laison, local representation and intermediary services to our international clients.


As part of our diversified portfolio of integrated business services, we offer to our clients, legal advisory services in good corporate governance, business ethics and legal risk management. We provide Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder and Local Manager services to our international clients.



  • transaction advisory and contractual services
  • draft and/or review of Commercial Contracts and Agreements
  • conduct Legal Due Diligence on target company
  • joint ventures
  • liquidation
  • country laison, local representation and intermediary services
  • Local Manager, Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder services
  • corporate re-organization
  • mergers and acquisitions

Company Secretarial

We provide full company secretarial support to ensure that our clients comply with standard legal practice and maintain high standards of corporate governance. We provide a premium secretarial service for board meetings and shareholders meetings.


Board Meetings

Our board meeting support services include but are not limited to:

  • arrange or co-ordinate board meetings
  • set agenda, compile and circulate board packs and notices of board meetings to persons eligible to attend board meetings
  • attend board meetings and take minutes at said meetings
  • take attendance at meetings
  • record declarations or conflict of interests of directors at meetings
  • assist the Board Chairman and directors in the conduct of meetings and their directorial and governance obligations and responsibilities; and
  • offer various board support services and carry out other duties related to the corporate administration of the company.


Shareholders Meetings (AGMs & EGMs)

Shareholders meetings could be either Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) or Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”). AGMs or EGMs are meetings held by are generally to declare dividend, consider accounts and reports of the directors and auditors, election of new directors to replace those retiring, removal of directors and the fixing of auditor’s remuneration among others.


Our AGM and EGM support services include but are not limited to:

  • arrange or co-ordinate the meetings
  • give due notice
  • prepare agenda
  • compile briefing notes for Chairman of the meeting to conduct the meeting
  • manage proxy votes and corporate representatives; and
  • attend meetings and take minutes.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is an organization’s adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to the business of the organization. We acknowledge the increased complexity in the regulatory and compliance in the business environment in Ghana. Our regulatory and compliance services undertake a comprehensive governance review of our clients’ businesses to ensure that the clients comply with their statutory obligations under relevant laws and regulations. Our experienced and professionally trained team keep you updated with the changes in various existing laws whenever necessary and which our clients’ business is required to be compliant with.


Summary of our Regulatory Compliance Services:

  • ensure that clients comply with their statutory obligations under relevant laws and regulations
  • keep statutory records – maintain registers & ensure requisite retention of documents and records
  • ensure completion and lodgments of statutory forms with the Companies Registry such as changes in directors, secretaries, auditors, registered address of the company, stated capital, amendment to Companies Regulations, etc.
  • filling annual returns of the company at the Companies Registry
  • ensuring adherence with the company’s regulations; and renewal of expired licenses and permit on time

Tax Advisory & Consulting Service

Our specialized tax consulting services encompass advising companies on a broad    range of domestic tax matters including tax planning, alignment of tax with business strategies, understanding the tax impacts of business re-structuring, preparing for the new impact of new and proposed regulations, and reviewing corporate income tax returns, among others. 


Our business tax services assist our clients to attain their business tax compliance and advisory needs. We stay current and proactive on new tax laws and legislations, and are therefore in a position to minimize both current and future tax liabilities of our clients.


We have extensive experience in assisting our clients to acquire the various types of mineral rights, i.e. reconnaissance licence, prospecting licence, mining lease, a restricted licence or lease for industrial mining right, small scale mining licence, the mine support services company licence, the minerals purchase and export, sell or disposal licence, among others from the Minerals Commission.


Holders of mineral rights are by law also required to obtain the requisite approvals and/or permits from other regulatory bodies like the Forestry Commission, Water Resources Commission and Environmental Protection Agency incidental to the mineral operations.


We also have extensive experience in providing advice, drafting and/or reviewing various sale and purchase agreements, advising on risk and protections available in the acquisition of land for mining purposes, drafting, reviewing and/or negotiating joint ventures, partnerships and mining services agreement, conducting due diligence for the acquisition of   mining legal entities, royalties, etc.


We have established a cordial relationship with the regulatory bodies involved and are able to provide prompt and proactive mining services to our clients.

Oil & Gas

We have significance experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Our dedicated team expertise in the oil and gas sector encompass a range of issues which includes:

  • local content regulations issues
  • regulatory and compliance issues
  • corporate due diligence
  • government consent and support agreements
  • upstream and downstream assets acquisitions.

Real Estate – Conveyance & Realty

Kabod Business Consult offers a premium and innovative approach to real estate which focus on assisting our clients in the acquisition and disposal of properties. We provide comprehensive and prompt advice to our clients on the legal requirements and implications in each property transaction. We are experts in conducting property searches at the Lands Commission and due diligence on prospective land vendors and advise our clients appropriately bearing in mind their best interest.


We are also experts in the drafting and/or reviewing of land documentations and perfection of ownership of land at the Lands Commission within the shortest possible time.


We offer outstanding services tailored to assist our clients’ immigration needs. We advise on matters pertaining to citizenship and assist our foreign clients in obtaining all types of visas, work and residence permits, immigrant quotas and other relevant immigration documents.

Estate Planning & Wealth Management

We have extensive experience in estate planning and wealth management. We are experts in drafting of wills and testaments for clients. Our clients are assured of confidentiality of the content of their wills. The additional service of estate planning and wealth management are the provision of sophisticated legal and tax advice pertaining to estate planning to wealthy individuals and families, charitable organizations.

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