About Us

Who We Are

We are a leading, dynamic and innovative legal and business advisory services provider. We offer a broad spectrum of operational assistance to our clients’ businesses. We hold your hand through the process of setting up your business and adhering to legal procedures through to operations after set-up.

Kabod Business Consult has a dedicated team of professionals whose main focus is on finding better and innovative solutions to meet clients’ business needs. Our strength is in the quality of our team and the appropriate professional skills and experience of the team.

We acknowledge that it is critical for businesses to establish appropriate structures to facilitate operational efficiencies and also to support their medium and long-term strategic set objectives. We therefore play a vital role in building a better working world for clients by identifying their specific needs and structuring our services to meet those needs.


We are dedicated to ensuring that all our clients receive the same high-standard of legal and business advice. As a result, we provide advice and guidance over the phone, or via Skype, if you are out-of-country or unable to meet in person.


At Kabod Business Consult, we bring together process, people and technology to foster our clients’ growth and sustainability. The ideas we provide and the services we deliver help our clients operate in accordance with acceptable practice.


To be the premium consulting firm and a one-stop-shop providing our clients with innovative, quality and professional business and legal services in Ghana, and the world at large.

Our Mission

(a) To increase the effectiveness of our clients’ business operations by identifying and providing the most innovative and practical business and legal services tailored to meet clients’ needs and further, exceed their expectations.

(b) To partner with our clients and assist them become high performing businesses by delivering unique operational support services while they focus on their main businesses.

what we believe

Core Values


We care about our clients’ reputation as much as we care about ours. We are therefore dedicated to adhering to the laws, rules and ethical principles that governs us to provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Team Work & Collaboration

We are committed to a common goal based on an open and honest communication and also collaborate to ensure success and satisfaction of our cherished clients.


We demonstrate excellence and are highly competent and confident in our work.


We do not make promises we cannot keep. Our clients can always rely on us to deliver on our commitments.


We always strive to offer practical and innovative solutions to our clients and further aim to deliver services of the highest quality in an open and business-like manner.


We are willing to do what it takes by being proactive, willing to help and delivering over-and- above services we offer to our clients.

Client Satisfaction

We strive to be the best and offer excellent services to our clients. We go above our commitments and always endeavour to exceed clients’ expectations.

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